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About Adviser Pro Tools

We’re On A Mission To Help Boutique Advice Businesses Grow amoungst The Chaos

Adviser Pro Tools is a bespoke Consulting, Tools Creation and Integration business focused on helping boutique financial advice firms streamline their business so that they can grow with confidence.

Born from the experience of years of frustration flying blind trying customise and optimise an advie business using xplan and  commpay. We discovered a better way.

Optimised tools & services that allow boutique advice businesses to shift faster and customise the pieces that they need to tailor it to their processes and grow.  

Adviser Pro Tools continuously innovates how tools like Xplan and Commpay are used in the business. We help you access the power of BI solutions to build a solid foundation of compliant operations. With the confidence of a business that can scale, we guide you with marketing strategies and tools to help achieve your visions for growth and expansion.
Creating visibility in the advice business is the key. Anything that is measured in a business and looked consistently improves in that business. We help businesses measure activity and results so the development and growth can be by design.
Reliable design is based on your processes – that work for you. They keep your people engaged and moving forward focused on the custom service they deliver, not the process to deliver it.
ADVISER PRO TOOLS helps Boutique Advice Businesses Unlock The Power To Grow.

Our Belief

“There is no stopping Entrepreneurial Advisers who are empowered by the right processes, technology, tools and mindset.”

   Discover: To optimise and grow you business you must be able to measure the effect of any change taking place in it.

   ​Design: Solutions that optimise your business must be designed and customised based on the feedback that measurement discovers for you, and the goals you wish t achieve.

   Grow: Your business can market harder and grow faster, where you have confidence that your foundation systems are designed to Scale.

The Team Supporting You

Create Systems that Scale Your Advice Business

Chris Ball


Xplan Specialist | Business Analyst | Growth Strategist

Chris Ball has spent over 20 years working within and optimising advice businesses in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Chris began his career in finance as a stock broker for Australia’s first online stock broking firm. He graduated from Murdoch University with a degree in Finance and Marketing, then immediately dived deep into the finance world helping to build Australia’s first Mobile Phone (WAP) trading platform and financial news streaming website.

Over the last 20 years he has performed technical roles in finance, writing and implemented hundreds of financial plans and helped manage hundreds of millions dollars in client investments across the United Kingdom and Australia.

He helped guide an Australian mid-tier national advice firm through major regulatory upheaval, a Global Financial Crisis and substantial technology change over his 12+ years in the roles of National Compliance and National Operations Manager. During this time the firm 2X its revenue and expanded it office and adviser footprint by over 20%.

He is one the leading specialists in XPlan migration, integration and operations management. Chris now focuses on helping Boutique Advice businesses create visibility in their business, build and streamline their processes and then scale through bespoke marketing strategies.

ADVISER PRO TOOLS helping Boutique Advice Businesses Unlock The Power To Grow.

We Are Clients of Advice.

Chris is a consumer of Financial Advice. He brings his experience as a Client with a family, to empower the Client Journey that he helps his client’s design more reliable and scalable financial practices.

He has an Financial Adviser – He pays advice fees – He consumes financial services.

Chris understands the constraints and frustrations of advisers, he has the experiences of a client and sees the opportunities that exist.